Karabakh: uncontrolled zone...
R.Novruzoglu, Y.Oguz

This book is on the Azerbaijani region of Karabakh, which has been
subjected to Armenian terrorism and fallen victim to their aggressive policy. Facts,
documents and reseach materials collected in the book show Armenian terrorism,
which maintains close contacts with international terrorism, and their supporters in
their true colors. The book will be an important historical document for diplomats,
politicians, military experts, political scientists and empioyees of security services
researching into "the Karabakh khot" and into the roots of terrorism.

Baku, © "Ozan", 252 p.


Язык: en
Год: 2002


Преступления армянских террористических и бандитских формирований против человечества (XIX-XXI вв.)


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