On the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan (Nagorno-Karabakh conflict)

The Caucasus is one of the most multi-ethnic
regions over the world. There are many neighbor villages
speaking different languages in this region.
There is no any mono-ethnic country in Caucasus
but Armenia.
Island\ for example, is also mono-ethnic country
in multi-ethnic Europe, and it is naturaly because this
country is surrounding by Atlantic Ocean.
Armenia is surrounding with four multi-ethnic
country: Azerbaijan, Georgia Turkey and Iran where
lives hundred thousands of ethnic Armenians, but no
ethnic Azerbaijanian or Turkish lives in Armenia,
Mono-ethnic population of Armenia is not a
result of natural evolutional process - it is result of
ethnic cleanse of the territory of Armenia.
Ethnic cleanse continued on the occupied territories
of multi-ethnic Azerbaijan.

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Год: 2002


Роль и позиция мусульманского духовенства в социально-культурной жизни Нахичевани, Эриванской губернии и Зангезура в X IX—начале XX в.


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